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The Recommendation & Praise From Just A Few Of Our Clients

BRIAN FANALE // CEO and Co-Founder of MyLeadSystemPro

Patricia has literally been responsible for bringing back over 230,000 e-mail subscribers to our database once we gave her control of our list. Not only has she completely re-vamped our communication to our subscribers and customers, she has created new and better follow-up processes in a way that has allowed us to continue to grow our list in a very substantial way. Her ideas have recouped literally tens of thousands of dollars for my company. We are about to see massive massive growth with a new idea, and without Patricia we wouldn’t be able to pull it off. This gal is legit… if you have the honor of hiring her and her team, they will help streamline your entire business and increase your bottom line, period.


One word – Professional. When it comes to Infusionsoft contractors, we’ve never come across a more pleasing experience, and when it comes to infusionsoft… experiences are almost always guaranteed. So it has been a miracle to find Patricia, who is knowledgeable in all things Infusionsoft and Plus-this (an extremely important adjunct to Infusionsoft). She’s incredibly detail oriented so nothing slips through the cracks, even in our very complex campaigns. But the most important aspect is her responsiveness. We know we can count on Patricia to get things done fast, and done right the first time. Finding Patricia has been a game changer.

ADAM HUDSON // Best Selling Author and Creator of the #1 Course on AmazonReliable.Education

Patricia communicates so well that you have complete confidence in her work. She is great to work with and we’re looking forward to working with her more.

MELISSA BINKLEY // International SpeakerFounder of Intuitive Intelligence Academy

I’d been searching to right answer to my product ascension automation for over two years…. Patricia mapped out the answer so clearly in under two hours during a strategy session, I was blown away.


Patricia brings more value to the table than most consultants. She is a strategic thinker and takes the time to listen before creating simple sequences. That’s the easy part. Getting it to work with your strategy is key skill…and she has that in spades! Highly recommend her for consulting work!

LARS GUSTAFSSON // Founder of BodyMind NutritionFounder of BodyMind Institute

Wow Patricia is fast! Not only was Patricia amazing at teaching me various steps in my marketing automation setup, but she knew exactly how to upgrade what I was trying to achieve by suggesting functionalities that I didn’t even know existed. Patricia immediately offered to finish off all the upgrades to our process and flow to get our CRM setup. She not only did it in record time, but also with solid testing to make sure it was all flawless. I would highly recommend Patricia for your marketing automation and membership site work.


Patricia was amazing to collaborate with. We will be hiring her again for our Infusionsoft and Marketing Automation. I highly recommend that any serious business owner who wants to grow their business with solid and automated marketing – to work with her and her team. In just a few hours of consulting she had a full grasp of my business and even broke down a hugely complex marketing plan into bite-size and executable pieces and gave me a clear plan on seeing it all come to fruition. I would give ten stars if it was an option!

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