March 6, 2019

Stop Your Potential Profit from Going Up in Smoke

business automation

Do you know that your probably burning up in smoke about 82% of your potential profits? Stick around and I’ll tell you why.

Hey, I’m Patricia Sweeney. I’m the CEO and Founder of Ideally Media, and after working with my really high-end internet entrepreneur coaches, speaker, and trainer clients and all of the offline businesses that I’ve helped create real automation, scalable business processes for, what I know is that without the proper marketing and business automation, you are literally burning up 82% of your profits every single day. There’s a couple of key aspects of implementing marketing automation and business automation in your business that essentially allow you to capture that potential revenue.

Fortune is in the Follow Up

It falls into a couple of different categories.  I’m sure you have heard that fortune is in the follow up. Well, when you have a brand new lead who comes into your ecosystem, if you’re not consistently communicating with them in a way that tells them what you stand for, what you don’t tolerate, and then how you can help them, and then you reinforce that message over and over, they don’t get to know you, or like you or trust you. You know that someone will not work with you if they don’t know, like, and trust you. That’s very basic. I’m sure you’ve heard of it, right? That’s an autoresponder. It’s usually a capture page. It’s something on your website. Maybe you actually have a full funnel, which would be amazing.

If you do and you’re getting leads, whether there are only a couple of leads a week or you’ve got hundreds of leads a month, if you implement an appropriate follow up from the beginning, that lead that you now have is going to go this much faster to actually becoming a buyer if they’re the right fit for you. But if you don’t have that in place, they kind of piddle along and take their time and usually fall off and go away and never engage with you, under like two weeks, right? If you’re spending your time and money and energy to generate leads but then you’re not communicating with them at all, then you literally can lose up to 50% of your leads within the first 14 days of them even showing up to your brand, okay? That’s a huge red flag if you don’t have something in place for that.

Now, the second part of that, though … This I think, unfortunately, is where a lot of successful businesses truly miss the boat. They don’t actually have automated processes in place on the back end to communicate with their warm leads and with their recent buyers. It honestly kills me. There’s so many holes in the bucket on the back end of people’s communication processes.

If someone is a brand new buyer for you … They just bought maybe one of your low-end products or your mid-level products, but then you don’t follow up with them in the appropriate amount of time during the process of them consuming that new product that you created for them or the new coaching program or the service that you’re giving them, and you’re not communicating with them appropriately and then telling them what’s next, how are they ever going to get there? They’re not going to become a repeat buyer. They’re not going to become a raving fan. They’re not going to give you referrals, right?

Your buyers are literally your single point of easily creating additional revenue in your business, and when you don’t meet them where they’re at by communicating with them … And you have to really automate this ’cause unless you have only a few buyers a month, this is not something that you want to have as a manual process. Because it will break down. You cannot do it consistently. You’ve got to be able to communicate with them, and really meet them where they’re at.

So if they bought X and they need Y, you need to tell them that they need Y, and why they need it. And if you don’t have that setup, you’re really just missing the boat. So that’s just a small snippet of how your lead communication and your recent buyer communication, how you’ve got gaps. Most people have gaps. If you don’t, fantastic. I’m super excited for you. But pretty much every single business I’ve been in, and this means multiple six figure businesses, multiple seven figure businesses, they always have these big blocks. And let me tell you, if you’re just getting started, and you’re barely reaching six figures, or you just did, or you’re under that quarter of a million mark, this is this much more important for you.

I know a lot of entrepreneurs believe that, well, I’ll just wait until I’m making more money to put those things in place. It’s foundational. If you want to get to multiple six figures, you’ve got to do something to take the pressure off of yourself and still create a consistent, reliable experience for your leads and your buyers. Okay? So that’s one of the main reasons, right, that businesses lose out on the profit potential.

You need to Automate Ongoing Cash Flow

The other thing is that, most of them just don’t have a way to automate ongoing cash flow. And what that means is, if you’ve got subscriptions, if you have recurring payment plans, if you want to look up a quick offer and say look, I know this thing costs XYZ, and it could be a stretch for you, why don’t I break that down into three monthly payments of blah blah blah? That’s a real pain in the butt if you don’t have a system in place to take care of the automated payment and billing processes on the back end. You probably don’t make those kind of offers because of the headache it’s going to cause your staff. That’s something I run into all the time. So being able to, on the fly, create a very simple new offer that has different payment plans and options for your buyers to say yes to you, that doesn’t create a massive headache on the back end, it’s actually really important. And it’s a big part of why marketing works. Because you’re communicating with them and giving people more options. People can buy and spend their money anywhere you want. You need to be giving them reasons to say yes to you. Okay?

Why You Need To Create A Wow Experience

And then, just one more I’ll point out. Again, there’s literally a whole ton of these that I could speak to. But the other thing that I really find that people struggle with, and they really are just losing out on potential revenue, is that they don’t have a proper fulfillment process. They actually have no idea where their clients are in the process of actually going through their programs. Of getting their services delivered. Of consuming the content, right? Lesson one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. If someone stops consuming your content at lesson two, what do you do? Do you reach out to them? Do you say hey, it looks like you stopped at lesson two. Did you know that at the end of lesson two you get XYZ? Did you know in lesson three I’m going to teach you this? That kind of stuff can also be automated. So if you’re not taking advantage of it, if you’re not creating a wow experience and getting your buyers to actually have a rockstar fulfillment experience with your brand, they will not come back. They will not buy again. And they will not refer their friends.

So, again, I could talk about this all day long. But I hope that you see. There’s all this massive potential sitting in the list, in the leads, and in the business that you already are in. But if you don’t put appropriate business process automation and marketing automation to work for you, you are burning up your potential profits. So, if you’d like to kind of get a sense of where you are now, kind of what’s happening in your business, how are you measuring up in today’s marketing technology space with your business and marketing automation, I have created an automation assessment report that you can get for free. It literally takes about five minutes. You fill out a quiz, and at the end of that, we’re going to send to you a customized PDF that will tell you where you’re at. And give you clarity on what it is that you need to be doing next. Every single person who’s come through that automation assessment process has been wowed at the information and the clarity they get at the back end.

And, right now, if you’re reading this blog post, there should still be availability to also book an automation action plan consultation once you’re done with your survey. If you get to that page, and the button’s there, make sure you take advantage of it. We only have about ten of those consults available per week, because currently they’re free. So, I hope this blog post was helpful to you. Maybe give you some ideas on some ways that you might be missing out and burning your potential profits. And gives you something to think about. And hopefully you get your automation assessment done today