March 7, 2019

Did You Know Your Business is a Big Ole Leaky Bucket?

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Did you know that your business is most likely a big old leaky bucket? Stick around and we’ll talk about how we fix that.

Hey there. I’m Patricia Sweeney, CEO and founder of Ideally Media Group. And what we do is we really, really help entrepreneurs focus on creating systems, processes which are scalable and predictable in both your lead and sales processes, but also on the back end of your business as well. And so we’re here to talk about why your business has a leaky bucket.

Why the Back End of Your Business Needs to be Plugged

This is the deal. If you’re spending all this time and energy and focus on the front end of your business and you’re pouring your energy in and your time and your money, you’ve got this bucket and you’re just pouring all this stuff in, but at the bottom of the bucket is all this stuff just falling out the back end. Well, what are you going to do? You’re basically wasting your time and resources. You will never be able to generate a business that is overflowing if you don’t plug the holes in the bottom of your leaky bucket, right? It’s just going to keep dripping out the bottom.

And that’s really exactly what happens for clients and people in business today who don’t understand how to make sure that they have behavioral marketing in place. And some people will call that ABM, account based marketing. It’s basically communicating with people where they’re at. Understanding how they were exposed and came into your ecosystem. And then communicating with them around the topics that matter to them and then telling them what’s next, how to work with you. What do you stand for? How can you help them? And hey, here you go, here’s an idea. Here’s how we can work together.

You’ve got to be making offers to people in the right way, at the right time in order for you to generate the potential client’s experience and the potential revenue that you could get out of your business because of all of that time and energy that you’re pouring into the front end.

So what usually happens is clients focus so much time and energy and their marketing and their sales and getting more leads and I just need more leads. Have you ever heard yourself say something like, if I just get more leads, everything will be fine, right? If I have more sales calls, it’ll be fine. Everything will be great. I’m going to grow my business to where it needs to be.

Well, it’s true to a point, but unfortunately you’re going to burn yourself out if that’s like your mentality. Because again, no matter what you pour in the top, if there’s holes in the bottom, then you’re never going to be able to need a bigger bucket basically.

How Business and Marketing Automation Can Help Create a Consistent Experience and Fix Your Leaky Bucket

Utilizing business automation and marketing automation can create a consistent experience, not only for your clients and even your buyers, but even for you and for your team.  Understanding how the fulfillment process is going to happen and knowing that your technology is on lockdown, that it really works for you instead of you having to have all these manual touches and all of these potential breakage points, right? You don’t want that. You want it to feel seamless. You want it to have that seamless flow for both you and your clients.

And that’s where you have to start looking at your business and marketing automation and say okay, where are my holes? Where are the gaps? And which one of those gaps, because let’s face it, most businesses, whether you’re a solopreneur or you’re a small team or you’ve got a massive team, every business that I’ve ever worked with has had gaps. Even the ones who didn’t think that they did. They’re like, everything is amazing. I just want this to be more automated. And then like, yeah, well what about all of this that you forgot to mention or notice or I guess you never saw that, right? And they’re like, oh my gosh. So it happens. It’s just the way that it is, right?

So What Holes Do You Focus On First?

So all of these things are floundering around. You’ve got holes to plug, but which hole do you focus on, right? What is there to plug and which one do you do first? This is where understanding which piece of marketing technology and which business automation thing that you need to put in place or which process is driving your team insane. And that’s the one that we need to focus on automating first, right? Understanding those types of things and having that experienced eye take a look at where you’re at and then compare that to where you want to go and give you suggestions on how to get there, first and foremost, like what to do right now next instead of this whole big plan that you’re never going to get to.  I understand that’s where people are and that’s what they deal with. And those are the questions that probably keep you up at night if you’re a business owner who feels overwhelmed.

So I created the automation assessment quiz and it’s a five minute quiz. All you have to do is follow the link, opt in, take your quiz and on the back end of that quiz you’re going to get an automation assessment report.  This is a custom generated report that will tell you how your automation is stacking up. Here’s some of the holes that you should be focused and paying attention to right now first. These are the most important pieces for you.

Once you’ve completed the quiz, you’ll have an opportunity to jump on a call with me to review your results.  So that means that we’re going to literally take the report that your quiz generates and then we’re going to go over it with you. We’re going to answer your questions and we’re going to see what things should you be focused on? Is this goal of yours that you want in six months, does that make sense based on where you are? Or hallelujah, here’s two or three things that you could do and you’re done right? And you can walk away from that call feeling super confident about where you’re spending your time and money and energy, whether it’s with us or it’s with your own team, or it’s for yourself to do right. At least you know what there is to do. I want you to walk away from that call having the confidence to implement the things which are going to move the needle in your business and help you plug that leaky bucket.

So take the automation assessment quiz and grab a spot on our calendar 

And we’ll see you on the call.