March 6, 2019

Are You Ready to Get Over Your Automation Overwhelm?

business automation

Do you find yourself in automation overwhelm or do you actually have positive ROI from the automation things that you’re putting into place in your business? Stick around and I’ll tell you more about that.

I’m Patricia Sweeney, CEO and founder of Ideally Media, and I help my clients utilize automation to actually create real positive ROI in their business which is scalable. I always say that automation does create freedom. It creates freedom in your business because you can take your worry and your stress and sometimes the eyeballs. The time and energy that you might spend babysitting things through processes and moving people onto different sales processes or fulfillment processes or communication, pieces and parts, and you just let the system take care of it for you.

What Do I Automate First?

It’s very foundational stuff but people really get stuck with what do I do first, what’s most important? Oh my gosh, there’s only a gazillion marketing technology tools out in the marketplace today so which one do you use and then how do I implement it? All of those are completely legitimate questions and they’re things that we solve, answer, and consult with our clients every single day.

When you’ve been doing this as long as I have and worked in as many different types of businesses, lots of different scale. I’ve got solopreneurs, I’ve got clients who have small teams, I have clients who have huge teams but they still don’t have a technology expert specifically for this. They all do the best that they can but they don’t really have the confidence that they’re focused on the right things, and that’s a problem. That’s where automation overwhelm completely shows up and it’s easy to get there.

I’ve been there, I’ve done that personally. It’s literally what led me into the path, into the business that I actually do now. I had to figure it out and I didn’t know who to do ask because what I found was there was a lot of people who knew how to connect the dots but there wasn’t a lot of people who actually got back end business processes; real business, employees and people, and dealing with customers, and technology, hook it up stuff.

Build Your Automation Foundation

Then the real critical piece was actually the marketing, that’s the umbrella that it all has to fall under. If you’re not focused on putting technology in place that helps your actual business, the people, the things that you have to do every day, and all of that’s not done in such a way that you’re marketing makes sense, then what the heck are you doing? You’re just being busy, being busy trying to press the easy button.

I get it, it’s very sexy the idea of automating everything but if you’re focused on trying to automate everything instead of just focus first on building an automation foundation in your business and really only putting in automation first that moves the needle towards ROI, what happens? You get frustrated, you get completely overwhelmed, you spend a whole ton of money on a whole ton of people, and products, and services, and new little widgets, and plug-ins over here, and all this stuff that you aren’t really utilizing to its capacity or you don’t know how to use. Or it’s just kind of all cobbled together into one big mish-mash of nothingness and you don’t really even know what it’s doing for you. This is just a very standard, common thing that people run into.

Again, all of my clients at all different phases of their business, they all have all of that, on some level. When you’re thinking about how do I get out of automation overwhelm, how can I just be confident that I’m pushing the buttons in the way that’s actually going to make a difference? The right kind of difference in my business so that this automation really creates freedom, it really creates the sense of confidence of what your systems are doing, and where everyone is in your processes.

You’ve got your follow-up down because, guess what, the fortune’s in the follow-up. You’ve got your ascension pack, it’s locked down, people are being communicated with and being told what’s next. Your billing is situated. You’ve got your basic recurring billing on lockdown, there’s no holes in that process for you. You know that the cash is going to keep coming in because your billing automation is doing its job. You are asking for referrals. There’s always things that you can use business automation for that helps both your back end processes and also all of your marketing. You have to have a little bit of all of it but you don’t put it all in at one time.

To create clarity my purpose in cutting this video for you is to explain to you that I know that where you are today you’re not gonna be able to step into what’s next for you. You’re not gonna be able to make choices on how to change your business, implement automation, and focus on marketing, if you don’t have clarity around what’s the most important thing to touch on, like where are you now, where do you want to go, and what are the most important steps for you to take today to start building that momentum to get there?

Without that clarity you cannot make decisions on what to do next so I want to give you that clarity for two reasons. One, because I think it’s important. I think every single entrepreneur needs to understand these things. You need to understand where you are and where you can go with it so you can focus on what’s most important. Secondly, this is what I do, this is what my agency does. Once you have that clarity does it make sense for you to work with us? I don’t know. We’ll talk about that and you’ll understand that for yourself. However, until you have the clarity you can’t choose.

What I’ve done is create an automation assessment. It’s a free little quiz. You go through the process and at the end of it you actually get a customized PDF that will break down for you exactly where you are, where are you missing opportunities in your automation now, and what things can you be looking forward to. I even took it a step further because, yes, you’re gonna have the information but most people get that information and they still have questions or they want to say, “Okay, Patricia, but … I get it, I need to have that CRM and I need my lead follow-up but my business, I have this thing and that thing, and this thing. How does that actually work in that picture?”

I get it. Those are normal questions that pretty much every business owner has. Because of that, I have given you an opportunity after you complete your automation assessment quiz, on the thank you page, if the button is still there, then you can go ahead and book your automation action plan consultation. That’s exactly what it sounds like. You’re actually gonna get on the phone with either me or one of the people on my team who are experts in this. We’re gonna take your customized PDF report and we’re gonna break that down. We’re gonna answer your questions and we’re gonna make sure that you’re clear with what there is for you to do.

All of that is free and extremely valuable for you. We only have about, I think it’s about 10 sessions now per week that we have that open for people coming through and getting their assessment so I would suggest that you go ahead and click the button around this video. Get your assessment done, book your automation plan consultation, and understand what there is for you to do so you can make automation something that creates positive ROI in your world instead of allowing yourself to stay into automation overwhelm. We look forward to working with you.